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The real goal of advertising is to tell people how they feel, then market to that feeling.


I'm a creative director.

Aren't you?




Knows: The true purpose of advertising is to tell people how they feel (at worst) or to help people articulate their feelings (at best). Either way, my job is to make a lasting emotional connection, no matter what. I generally aim for LOVE but I'll take vague interest if I have to.

Believes: Actually, I did came here to make friends. It’s boring when we don’t collaborate. And could I have some of your sourdough starter? Thanks!

Likes: Iced coffee in the wintertime, icy Sancerre in the anytime. Teaching, learning, growing (never going to get past 5'2", I'm sorry to say). Money-green leather sofas. Leading teams to better work. Oxford commas.

Dislikes:  Seattle-nice. Isolated creative teams. Connecting flights. Walking past Subway when they've obviously been baking bread. Exclamation marks. The word β€œsilo.”

Agencies: BoomBox Inc., Girvin, HackerAgency, M. Dunberg Agency, Serum, TAG Creative

Brands & Clients: Amazon, IKEA, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Avon, Equinox, Bloomingdales, Bliss, Hourglass Cosmetics, Saks Fifth Avenue, Paula's Choice, Silk Therapeutics, White House | Black Market, Abigail Michaels, Victoria’s Secret, Bloom Design, BjΓΆrk & Berries, eHealth, Clover Health, Microsoft, Jolt Jeans


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